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       We leave their tails wagging!

What Makes Us Special

We are a 100% volunteer based organization. All of our rescues stay with a foster family until they are ready to find their forever home. It is important that our rescues are healthy and socialized so they integrate into their new homes as easily as possible. 

Fundraising Efforts

Hello everyone! We had a really tough year in 2019.  We are still trying to get all the vet bills caught up from the medical cases that we had.  The positive side is all the sick doggos made full recovery and found forever homes.  The negative side was the approximate $10,000 in vet expenses that we incurred.  We had to go on intake hold in the fall and have been focused on paying down the vet bills.  We have held auctions and events and now we are down to the final $1866.40!  If you would like to help us get the last dollars paid, click on the PayPal link below!  

Once we are debt free, we will be able to start helping dogs again!

Our goal is to do our part to help end the over population of pets by insuring our adopters spay or neuter their new furry family member.  We do our best to chose the very best home for our rescues by matching families to the dog that is closest to their ideal pet.

How you can help...

Adopt...if you cannot adopt

Foster...if you cannot foster

Sponsor...if you cannot sponsor

Donate...if you cannot donate cannot do everything but you can do something!

What our customers are saying

I adopted Eevee in October of 2016. She's a gorgeous white beagle/Australian shepard mix with black spots. The adoption process was so easy! All I did was apply and met a representative of this organization. She made sure I was a perfect fit for the puppy and ensured I was educated on the adoption process. Eevee has since become my absolute best friend. She is by my side 24/7 and has made the best emotional support animal I could have asked for! I am forever grateful for Our Mission Dog Rescue for bringing me to my bestfriend. ~Miranda W.

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